Miscellaneous Professional Indemnity Insurance

Our broker and client managers have been working with insurers and underwriters who specialise in miscellaneous PII insurances for advertising agencies, design companies, management consultancies, IT companies, publishers, life coaches and event organisers and are familiar with the policy terms, wordings, and exclusions to arrange a strong package of insurance cover.

It is not only the “traditional” professions that benefit from professional indemnity insurance. Miscellaneous professional indemnity insurance, as the term suggests, is suitable for a broad range of firms and individuals who provide some form of specialist advice, design, management, consultancy, or other “professional” services.

Ask yourself:

Do I provide any such services for a fee?

  • Do my clients expect me to have professional indemnity insurance or am I contractually obliged to have it?
  • Does my regulator or professional body require me to have or recommend that I have professional indemnity insurance?
  • Do I want to protect myself and my business from the financial consequences of an error or omission in the service I provide?

Professional indemnity insurance is available for virtually any service offering you all you can think of, from Archaeologists to Management Consultants to Zoologists and everything in between and Hera Indemnity can arrange cover for all these activities.

Once you have completed our proposal form, we can assess which insurer is best placed to insure your firm and provide the protection it needs. You can request a quote at any time and cover will be arranged promptly.

To start your renewal process contact us either by telephone or email us details of your PII requirements when one of our experienced PII client managers will guide you through the risk assessment process.

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